Fraiday #1: The very first

‘The buzz was here!’ said Kevin van Blokland, one of the attendees of the first edition of Fraiday. Fraiday is the monthly meetup for professionals who describe themselves as “AI-curious”.

The meeting was on Friday the 13th of January at the cozy cafe of Startup Village Amsterdam. Many people with different backgrounds were present but all with the same interest: Artificial Intelligence. As Eiso Vaandrager said: ‘This meeting is the proof there is interest and need for A.I., together with everybody we want to build the ecosystem’.

The next meeting will be on the 17th of February. The theme will be “Race against the machines”. Together we’ll discuss the aspects of what it is to be human in a world that is rapidly becoming more and more machine driven. What are things that a machine will never replace? And what kind of tasks should (or could only) be done by algorithms?

We hope to see you next month because, like Jim Stolze said: ‘We have only just begun!’

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