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The largest computer fair in Asia: Computex. Not surprisingly AI was an important theme this year! Our COO Eiso Vaandrager represented Aigency in this browsing environment. He occupied a popular booth in the AI-section and took the stage on day #2.

Computex: AI“We spoke with a lot of different interesting parties and presented the AI concept of Aigency. This resulted in conversations with a lot of interesting Taiwanese companies where cooperation is possible. All the big players where there, like IBM Watson, Google, Intel, and NVIDIA. They were all there to see what is happening in the AI area” says Eiso.

Taiwan is a huge producer of electronica and leader in the AI area, therefore it was an interesting place to present Aigency. Another Dutch company called Travis the Translator, was also present. Travis is a bot that speaks 80 different languages.

Moreover, Eiso says he was “definitely impressed by the whole event, and once again overwhelmed how fast all this is going. Even if you are following the AI updates, you are still behind”.

An interesting insight was that the gap between some big companies who are really going for it, and some others who are staying behind is getting bigger and bigger. An opportunity for us is that we can help these companies, because they have no clue where this is going and they will wake up in a new world.

Besides that, it is remarkable that in Asia there is much more willingness to go and experiment and implement with AI versus here in Europe.

In Europe, there is so much discussion. We have to be careful with this, because in Asia they understand the sense of urgency better. Here in Europe we also have to experiment, that is the way you learn and be able to implement things that are working. In the Netherlands when you have a conversation about AI, it is most of the time a shallow conversation about: “we have data”. In Asia however the conversations are far more in depth, about data and privacy for example. They are one step ahead of us.

A last quote from Eiso: “It was a really nice experience in Taiwan, especially since they are totally electronica crazy over there!”


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