Forbes spoke with Jim Stolze, Co-founder of aigency — an Amsterdam-based company that recruits AI and humans for work. Kind of an employment company run by three humans overseeing 59 robots (actually computers working on algorithms created at the University of Amsterdam to solve problems).

Panel Session at World Summit AI.

Stolze was addressing reporters in StartUp Village at the Amsterdam Science Park on the sidelines of the first World Summit AI in Amsterdam October 11-12. A tech entrepreneur and former ambassador for, setting up TED events all over Europe and the Middle East, Stolze founded aigency four years ago as “the network that connects data-sets with algorithms, business with talent.” In case it’s not obvious, the “aigency” is a reference to “artificial intelligence.”

“Humans were are not built to spend more than two hours looking at a screen or scrolling through excel sheets. Humans are best at being human. Artificial Intelligence will do the rest.”

Jim Stolze

Read the full story by Shellie Karrabel. Photo by World Summit AI.

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