AI Hub at Science Park

The University of Amsterdam (UVA) has announced a world-class hub in the field of Artificial Intelligence at Amsterdam Science Park.

The new co-creation space will be the premier place for education, research and entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence. The City of Amsterdam is providing €4 million to support the initiative.

Interest in studying AI has grown significantly in the last few years, with presently between 400 and 500 students at UvA. According to de Rijke, the research is already world-class, but it is growing out of its housing. The new eleven thousand square metre building will be close by the science faculty, and will house students from, for example, Informatics, Artificial Intelligence and various master studies.

With the new building, students and researchers have to be accommodated, but innovations must also be created that benefit businesses and society, such as solutions for healthcare, safety or sustainability issues.

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