From university startup to world domination

We sat down with Tijmen Blankevoort, the CTO at Scyfer which was acquired by Qualcomm last year.

It was a gathering inspired by the Actor’s Studio format: inviting a successful person and then reconstructing the steps that have lead to to their success.

The interview was divided into three parts of Tijmen’s life:

  1. Before Scyfer
  2. Scyfer before the acquisition
  3. After the aquisition

Tijmen is a very enthusiastic, charismatic figure in the tech-scene. He was very open about everything, but he did make one disclaimer: he cannot talk about Qualcomm strategy or internal processes. Of course we respected those boundaries and we took the liberty to ask him his personal opinion on where artificial intelligence is going and what that means for business and society.

Category: spotlight

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