A national AI course

Following the ever inspring initiative in Finland, we are proud to be part of a national program in which the basic elements of AI are explained to a broader audience.

Innovation Origins writes: Starting in January, the Netherlands will have its national AI course. The aim of the course is to inform as many Dutch people as possible about the basic principles of artificial intelligence (AI). The initiators hope to reach 1% of the Dutch population – about 170,000 people – with the online course.

The course is deliberately aimed at all Dutch people. “How does it work under the hood? Who is responsible for it? How do you prevent algorithms from contributing to increasing inequality, or creating unity? These are the crucial questions. In the Netherlands, everyone has an opinion, but few people have read into this matter. By offering a basic course to all Dutch people, we can at least enter the discussions in a well-informed way.”

Category: education, spotlight