About us

We believe that AI is the next step in business and human evolution. First humans explored and shaped the physical worlds (atoms), then they connected them through telecommunication (the web), the next step was to make them smart with sensors (data) and it’s now time to add intelligence (AI).

For each project we’ll provide you with the right brains and executing power. Our teams consist of a boardroom consultant, a senior it-manager, three AI experts and a creative strategist.

Together with your top people, they will brainstorm, design and implement useful AI experiments for your company.

Startup Village - Amsterdam

Our team

Aigency was founded by Jim Stolze, Eiso Vaandrager and Michiel Berger. These three experienced tech-entrepreneurs are accompanied by a team of experienced data scientists and talented students, most of them study Artificial Intelligence at the Amsterdam Science park or at University of Utrecht.

Are you ready?


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