About us

We started Aigency to help enterprises prepare for the acceleration of AI’s evolution in the coming decade. By now, it is common knowledge that the impact of AI will be very large, and very sudden. By 2035, labor productivity will have risen by 40%1 and corporate profitability by 38%, due to AI alone.2 As such it’s no surprise that Industry leaders around the world are reinventing themselves to deflect threats and take the opportunities that this development offers.

Aigency is the network that connects data-sets with algorithms, business with talent.

Startup Village - Amsterdam

Whether you have a well defined data challenge or are in the process of defining your AI strategy, our team will help you discover the opportunities in your data. As the cupid of the AI world, we have experience in helping innovation leaders explore opportunities to leverage data sets and find the right AI solution to take on challenges. Our team of experts can help you pick the right solution, guide and supervise the process to ensure a match made in heaven.

We’re located at the Amsterdam Science Park, the birthplace of the European internet and home of the supercomputer SURF Sara. It hosts several leading research institutes and provides a home to many leading companies such as Tata Steel, Qualcomm, ASML, and now Aigency as well.


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