AI Innovation Lab

Aigency organizes AI Innovation labs for industry leaders that are forming or adapting their strategy towards Artificial Intelligence. During this process, you’ll learn about the latest AI developments and the best ways to apply them. Currently, our network has proven AI solutions for several applications.

An Aigency AI Innovation Lab comprises the following 4 phases:

Aigency's AI-Lab

The AI-Lab is specifically designed to allow you to take the reigns yourself after the Lab is completed


Together with our specialists, you’ll have a brainstorm on data you generate within your enterprise and the possibilities that are hidden in that data. This is the phase where you’ll dive deeper in the different capabilities that each type of AI solution has. The brainstorm also serves to make sure that there is consensus on the goals and the process to get there. Based on the findings of this brainstorm, we’ll define the challenge that will be given to the AI experts.


Our AI experts will start working on proofs of concept. Different AI programs that could handle your type of data set are tested to reveal which one is most adequate. These pilots serve to prove that it is feasible to get the desired result with the AI solution. Once there is a satisfactory result development starts to make the AI ready for your specific data set and application.


This is the phase where solutions are chosen and made ready to be implemented. The AI experts will cross the T’s and dot the I’s to make sure that the AI generates real value from the data set.


After development it is time for AI to get to work! This is where you take the reins and unlock the value that was hidden in your data. At this stage, you’re able to discern the connections and separate the data from the noise. Curious of what can be achieved?

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