For AI startups

Are you building the future of AI? At Aigency, we offer a platform where you can demonstrate your algorithms with large data sets from corporates and reach new heights. Joining the Aigency network provides you with access and guidance during a project to make sure that it’s a success for all parties involved.

It’s time to put your AI to work. Aigency helps you make money with your research, your software or your startup.

We started Aigency as a network of AI solutions that eliminates friction for players in the AI space. Before, many startups found it difficult to get access to the right people and convince corporate bureaucracy to try a new technology from a new vendor.

If you take the perspective of a corporate innovator, you’ll quickly understand why large companies with a longer track record have the advantage in such a situation. A failed IT project, often at astronomical cost, is a job killer and any innovation manager will be able to give examples. Because of this, a corporate will want to limit the risk he takes.

That’s where Aigency comes in, 59 selected AI startups have joined forces with Aigency to get their foot in the door at the right time. Corporates are willing to try something new because they know that Aigency got their back if the road gets rough during a project. This helps you get those projects that prove your AI solution in the wild.

Would you like to see whether you can make the selection? Don’t hesitate to contact us so you’ll find the corporate that needs your AI.

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