Aigency was launched in Tokyo, Japan on December 18th, 2016 by:

Jim Stolze (CEO)
As an entrepreneur at heart, Jim likes to start new things at the forefront of technological development. You can find him at events like World Summit AI, the Fraiday Meetups and the upcoming SingularityU Summit.

Michiel Berger (CTO)
As a graduated astrophysicist, it’s no surprise that Michiel enjoys moonshots. After his graduation he founded NedStat (sold to Commscore in 2010), he is no stranger to large data sets and extremely excited by the stellar capabilities that AI can deliver in the coming age. Michiel is always on the lookout for new technologies and startups. Make sure to reach out to him if you want to talk tech.

Eiso (left) and Ramy (right) at Aigency Canada.

Aigency's founders are ready to build the future of AI

Eiso Vaandrager (COO)
Eiso Vaandrager has been involved in more or less any exponential technology you can think of. As founder, inventor and investor he’s been active in Cleantech, Robotics, Blockchain, Space and VR. At Delft University, he co-founded the solar racing team and drove the car that won the World Solar Challenge 2001. As the Tony Stark of the team, he recently founded an exoskeleton team at Delft University to give paraplegics the ability to walk again. At Aigency, Eiso is our go-to guy for corporates. Nothings gets him more excited than brainstorming about how AI can leverage data-sets.

Ramy Nassar (CIO)
Ramy is a Waterloo-based engineer, designer and maker. As our country lead in Canada, he works directly with clients to create innovative and differentiated product & service offerings that leverage the power of AI. With a background in computer engineering and Design Thinking, Ramy has straddled technical, design, and business-oriented roles, for clients including Apple, New Balance, Rogers, PayPal and CIBC.

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