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Do you have a specific data problem that AI could solve? We would love to help you out. Algorithms from our network have been successfully applied in areas as diverse as: finance, operations, logistics, customer service, HR & marketing. You can tell us about your data challenge right here

There are plenty more dinosaurs about to get hit by a meteorite.

Most corporate organizations have strategies in place to deal with innovation waves. In spite of this, graveyards are lined with companies that experienced their “Kodak moment”. Not because they didn’t see an innovation, but because of implementation failures. Just think about it, how many corporates were really successful with their online divisions in the 90’s? Even most who tried were no match for upcoming startups like Amazon and Google. Indeed, there are plenty more dinosaurs about to get hit by a meteorite.



We started Aigency as a network of AI experts to eliminate friction in the AI space and enable you to survive and thrive in the AI age. Most of the experts in our network have flourished by riding multiple innovation waves and disrupting several established industries. They understand that you have a position to protect and don’t want excessive risk. But also understand that not taking risks would be at least as deadly.

Because of this, corporate innovators bring us in for an AI Innovation Lab. We start each AI Innovation lab with an interdisciplinary team to go beyond the obvious and make sure that you uncover the hidden opportunities that your data and AI have to offer. The Aigency method assures that C-level strategic goals lead the project without being overbearing and stifling creativity.

The 59 AI startups in our network have been carefully curated for the quality of their algorithms, cyber security and confidentiality. Would you like to see what they have in store for you? Make sure to contact us here.

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