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On December 15th -at the Mori Skyscraper in Tokyo- was launched in the presence of a large groups of Japanese entrepreneurs and multinationals.

Jim Stolze (CEO) explained why the market for artificial intelligence (A.I.) was booming and how every company within two years would become an A.I.-company. In the mean time “Aigency will act as an intermediary between research and business”.

According to Mister Stolze there is a knowledge gap between corporates and startups/students.

Big corporates have gathered mountains of data, but they don’t know how they can make best use of it. At the same time we see all those PHD students and startups creating smart agents and algorithms. Aigency will bridge these two worlds, combining solutions offered by startups to one solution per customer.

To officially launch Aigency into the world, a video was played that represents the brand values of the new platform. Afterwards many Japanese multinationals expressed interest in getting to know more about A.I. solutions and a partnership with the Osaka Innovation Hub was announced. would like to thank the Kaleidoscope Hub, JMEC, Rockstart, the Things Network and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Japan for their support.

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