What we offer

AI will be the core of any organization, so you want to make sure AI is not just supported and understood by the CTO.


Aigency offers a platform for PHD’s, students and startups to demonstrate their algorithms with data from corporate organizations and non-profits. We act as a broker between your business questions and talent in the AI industry.

Our most popular product is a 13 week program in which we -together with your teams- will design and implement monthly experiments around new AI-ideas.

During co-creation sessions we will explore which data-sets, which processes and solutions you would like to make smarter. We will recruit top-talent to take on these data sets with cutting edge algorithms and new applications of AI.


AI Lab

So far we’ve set up several labs for universities and multinationals. This is a more permanent version of our AI Bootcamp (#3). We create a safe haven for AI within your company. Educating and training your people so that AI becomes more visible for the internal and external organization. This proves to be a great tactic to involve your clients (show them the future of business) and to attract new talent (great place to work).


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