Fraiday #10: Responsible AI

The tenth edition of Fraiday featured talks by Willem Koeman (Amsterdam Economic Board) and Valerie Frissen (SIDN Funds). The discussion centered around the question whether or not technology was neutral and how we could make sure that AI is going to be used responsibly.

Check out the photos by Mike Breeuwer.

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AI with a conscience?

Three interesting articles on how A.I. shouldn’t be a black box when it comes to scientific value or ethical and moral values.

1. Technology Review writes about how Algorithmic systems have a way of making mistakes or leading to undesired consequences. They offer five principles to help technologists deal with that. Because despite the potential for efficiency gains, algorithms fed by big data can also amplify structural discrimination, produce errors that deny services to individuals, or even seduce an electorate into a false sense of security. Indeed, there is growing awareness that the public should be wary of the societal risks posed by over-reliance on these systems and work to hold them accountable. Read More

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