Hackathon for Good

Registration is now open for the Hackathon for Peace, Justice and Security, organized in the Hague. Over 17 and 18 November, teams will use their technical skills to help solve real world challenges.

You can be a part of helping:

  • The International Criminal Court to analyse enormous quantities of evidence
  • NATO (NCIA) to identify propaganda
  • Asser Institute to warn communities of vulnerability to land grabbing
  • Red Cross to measure damage and impact after a disaster
  • World Vision to predict and automate when humanitarian aid is released

Teams will also be competing for €17,500 worth of prize money. For more information about the challenges and to register to participate, please visit See you there!

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Calling all Data Science Startups

Are you a Startup looking for input or feedback? Are you looking to make contact with academics or industry, or interested in attracting students for internships? Read More

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Fraiday #11: AI in Eindhoven

For this special edition the Fraiday-train went to Eindhoven, the city of endless innovations! Our guest speaker was non other than professor Joaquin Vanschoren, the initatior of “Open ML”.

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Global Summit 2018

We kunnen haast niet wachten, maar over 1 maand is het zo ver! De tweede editie van de “AI for Good Global Summit” vindt dan plaats in Genève. Van 15 – 17 mei komen dan vertegenwoordigers samen van onder meer ITU, Xprize Foundation, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) en 30 zuster organisaties van de Verenigde Naties. Dit alles met één doel: a dialogue on “beneficial AI”, oftewel: gesprekken over hoe we kunstmatige intelligentie kunnen inzetten voor goede doelen. Read More

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Fraiday #10: Responsible AI

The tenth edition of Fraiday featured talks by Willem Koeman (Amsterdam Economic Board) and Valerie Frissen (SIDN Funds). The discussion centered around the question whether or not technology was neutral and how we could make sure that AI is going to be used responsibly.

Check out the photos by Mike Breeuwer.

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Fraiday #9: AI in Canada

Fraiday is the monthly meet-up for professionals who are AI-curious. We have a simple format, involving drinks, lively debate around a theme and a group picture.

The inagural Fraiday event in Canada took place on November 24th at Abe Erb in Kitchener, Ontario. Organized by Aigency’s own Ramy Nassar and Eiso Vaandrager a diverse group of AI-enthusiasts got together to talk about the current state of Artificial Intelligence and the potential impact on business and society.

Interesting stories and observations were shared by representatives from: Read More

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Fraiday #8: AI & HR

Last week we had a great meetup on AI that was co-hosted and organised together with the HR & Tech Meetup. Very happy that invited us over to their headquarters in the NL.

Read More

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Fraiday #7: AI in Business

Fraiday is the monthly meet-up for professionals who are AI-curious. We have a simple format: involving drinks, a theme, lively debate and a group picture.

Some companies outsource their data work, some do it themselves, and some find a hybrid form of cooperation with a startup. For our AI in Business edition of Fraiday, we looked for someone who could embody several approaches that corporates can have towards AI. We found exactly that in Tijmen Blankevoort from Scyfer, whose story reads like a fairytale, ending in the recent acquisition by Qualcomm.

Tijmen sat down with interviewer Jim Stolze in an “inside the actor’s studio” like setting to tell us something about his background and how he got where he is. There where quite some things that you wouldn’t expect from a CTO at a former tech startup! Did you know for example that Tijmen was a contestant of “beauty & de nerd”, or that he studied Japanese before he started his study of mathematics? Read More

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I Amsterdam = AI Msterdam

For the past couple of months, Startup Amsterdam has been doubling down on projects and initiatives that further develop the conversation about AI and machine learning.

We want to make Amsterdam the centre point for AI.

These words were spoken at an AI-themed event for the Corporate Network – as well as five startups and five initiatives working with AI technology. Read More

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Aftermovie: AI for Good

Op 29 september vond de lancering van AI for Good plaats. Een avond vol nieuwe ontmoetingen en grote ideeën.

Siraj Raval (de legendarische Youtube-ster) nam het publiek mee in zijn wereld. Een wereld die op vier fronten razendsnel aan het ontwikkelen was: data, algoritmes en onderwijs.

Jan Kees Schakel (Sensing Clues) vertelde over de Wildlife Hackathon. Hoe zijn door middel van sensoren, grote hoeveelheden data vanuit stroopgebieden van Afrika kregen en welke algoritmes zijn inzetten om dat te voorkomen.

Rutger van Hofste tenslotte verleidde het publiek met een verhaal over een pot Nutella, satelliet data en een oplossing om de handel in palm-olie inzichtelijker te maken.

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