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Joseph Redmon

Every other week our team sits down to pick the TED talk of the moment. This time we stumbled upon the brilliant man behind You Only Look Once. An inspiring story about computer vision.

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Fei Fei Li

Every other Tuesday our team sits together to watch a TED Talk. Today we listened to Fei Fei Li. In this video, recorded at TED 2015, she describes the state of the art — including the database of 15 million photos her team built to “teach” a computer to understand pictures — and the key insights yet to come.

About Fei Fei Li
Using algorithms built on machine learning methods such as neural network models, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab led by Fei-Fei Li has created software capable of recognizing scenes in still photographs — and accurately describe them using natural language.

Li’s work with neural networks and computer vision (with Stanford’s Vision Lab) marks a significant step forward for AI research, and could lead to applications ranging from more intuitive image searches to robots able to make autonomous decisions in unfamiliar situations. Fei-Fei was honored as one of Foreign Policy’s 2015 Global Thinkers.

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