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From university startup to world domination

We sat down with Tijmen Blankevoort, the CTO at Scyfer which was acquired by Qualcomm last year.

It was a gathering inspired by the Actor’s Studio format: inviting a successful person and then reconstructing the steps that have lead to to their success.

The interview was divided into three parts of Tijmen’s life: Read More

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Fraiday #9: AI in Canada

Fraiday is the monthly meet-up for professionals who are AI-curious. We have a simple format, involving drinks, lively debate around a theme and a group picture.

The inagural Fraiday event in Canada took place on November 24th at Abe Erb in Kitchener, Ontario. Organized by Aigency’s own Ramy Nassar and Eiso Vaandrager a diverse group of AI-enthusiasts got together to talk about the current state of Artificial Intelligence and the potential impact on business and society.

Interesting stories and observations were shared by representatives from: Read More

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