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David Autor

Every other Tuesday our team sits together to watch a TED Talk. Today we listened to professor David Autor. In this video, recorded at TEDxCambridge in September 2016, he addresses the question of why there are still so many jobs and comes up with a surprising, hopeful answer.

About this speaker

David Autor is one of the leading labor economists in the world and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is Professor of Economics and associate department head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics. His best known research formally models and empirically analyzes how computerization substitutes for and complements human labor; asks how the rapid rise of import competition from China has reshaped U.S. manufacturing, upending the conventional economic wisdom that free trade is a free lunch; explores how the economic pressures of globalization are reshaping U.S. electoral politics; and conducts large-scale randomized experiments that test whether generous financial aid grants improve the odds of college completion and long-run economic security of students from low income families.

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Technology will replace X

Every job can be replaced. Except yours, right? It is a mantra that has been going on ever since the University of Oxford came out with their report on job automation (spoiler alert: 80% of jobs can be replaced). This week we came across three interesting articles that shine some new light on this discussion.

1. Doctors and Lawyers beware!
For the Harvard Business Review the brothers Susskind conducted around 100 interviews, not with mainstream professionals but with leaders and new providers in eight professional fields: health, law, education, audit, tax, consulting, journalism, architecture, and divinity. Their focus was on what has actually been achieved at the cutting edge. Read More

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